OneDayIT, Inc. Finds Answers and Solutions

My company is totally dependent on voice and data communications—so it has to be working! OneDayIT, Inc.’s priority is to keep their customers’ equipment and services up and running, when something breaks, they get services restored promptly.

We provide B2B services to business owners since 1979 for cashless transactions. OneDayIT, Inc. first provided computer tech service to us over twenty years ago. My company has been a pioneer in using VoIP, and OneDayIT, Inc. has succeeded, where other providers failed—to provide continuing low-cost voice solutions.

OneDayIT, Inc.’s service is beyond typical tech service as they educate customers, (who want it) about their equipment and services, helping them understand how to equip their business and implement procedures to deal defensibly against service and mechanical breakdowns. I am not an average customer for techs and have tendered complex issues to Dennis Krohn, and he leaves no rock unturned to find answers or new solutions.
-Fred Hammer, Hammer Management Inc.